Wilbers Shocks installed:
Well worth the money. Huge difference. Cornering feels so much better. When I got back to town I went down some roads that I know that suck and it handled them like a breeze. Wasn’t expecting it to be that noticeable. Thanks! – Mathew

Detailing 2013 Jeep
I can’t believe that you got 7 years of cigarette smoke to disappear! The car feels like new! ~Mike

Using the Co-Op
The money I have saved by being able to do my own work as more than paid for my membership ~Chris a Platinum Member

I store and work on my bike here. The place is great. The owner Mike is a stand up guy, and he does everything from storage and battery charging, to tires and fluids, to major projects. ~ Chris

Super happy with my experience here. Ive been a top tier member for over a year and am extremely happy with the knowledge, respect, and support I get from Mike. Being able to work on my bike, in a supportive place with a very knowledgeable mechanic has been incredible. He’s guided me through working on my 2013 fat Bob, AND my 1980 wideglide. It’s not often you find mechanics that are good with older bikes, and newer. I highly recommend this shop for any work you need done, as a storage solution for your bike, or becoming a member! ~ Kristen a Platinum Member