Does your car smell funny, Need a superior interior cleaning? How about your motorcycle, is road dust making you nuts, want it to look new again. Our detailing team can make it feel brand new, We only use top of the line products safe for the environment

I can’t believe you got 7 years of cigarette smoke to go away. No ash dust anymore the car feels like new even 4 weeks later it still smells and looks new





•        Attention to detail can increase your re-sale value

More than a quick vacuum we pay attention to the

smallest places that can make the car feel new again

•        Steam Deep cleaning carpets and scrubbing to

bring embedded dirt to the surface to be removed,

•        Steam cleaning door jambs, pressure-washing floor mats,

removing upholstery and carpet stains  

•        Most  times this will make your car look and smell like NEW

•        Then cleaning vinyl and plastic interior trim

and coating it with a dressing; and cleaning the glass.

•        Gift Certificates available

Pickup and drop off available

Interior Auto Detailing Packages

• High pressure blow down of interior then full vacuum
• All vinyl and leather wiped and cleaned
• Windows Cleaned
2 seater or single cab pick up          $187
4 door sedan                                           $227
Mid Suv or Extended cab pick up     $267
XL SUV and Vans                                  $297

• High pressure blow down of interior then full vacuum (no trunk)
• Light shampoo of cloth matts, carpets, floors, and seats
• All vinyl and leather wiped and cleaned
• All plastic and door jams wiped and cleaned
• All cupholders, steering column, and dashboard cleaned
• All glass cleaned (mirrors too)
2 seater or single cab pickup             $217
4 door sedan                                             $287
Mid SUV or Extended cab pickup    $347
XL SUV or Van                                       $387

• High pressure blow down of interior then full vacuum including trunk
• Hot shampoo in the scent of your choice of all cloth matts, carpets, floors and seats
• All vinyl and leather cleaned and CONDITIONED
• All plastic and door jams washed
• All cupholders, steering column, dashboard, visors, and vents cleaned and conditioned
• Seat tracks scrubbed and degreased
• All glass and mirrors cleaned
2 seater or single cab pickup             $287
4 door sedan                                          $387
Mid SUV or extended cab pick up    $427
XL SUV or Van                                         $487 

Add Ons
Must be added with purchase of one our packages
• Headlight Restoration (2)  $97
• Smoke Odor Elimination Service  $127
• If dogs ride in vehicle $97
•  Shampoo of headliner $97
• Please ask us about our Pick up and drop off services